The aluminium slide BannerRail provides an attractive and cost effective way to suspend banners and posters in shop windows, malls, banks, travel agencies airports etc – in places where people are passing by. The slim design and bare sides allows the poster to remain taught while still moving mildly in the wind or remaining still indoors.

Aluminium Slide BannerRail is a new bannerrail product which can hold up to 2mm thick substrates. This rail comes in unbroken lengths up to 2280mm wide & can be joined with splicers for longer lengths.

  • Easy setup – Loading requires no long sliders or grooves. Simply snap open, insert your banner, and snap close.
  • Cut to size
  • Connectable for larger displays

Outstanding match and finish – End-caps are available in four different colors to better match your graphics. A scratch-resistant finish adds to BannerRail’s durability.

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