What freebies do I give away?

Giveaways are an effective promotional strategy in trade shows. Nearly every company participating in a trade show distributes freebies to attract and engage visitors. It is, therefore, essential to choose a unique giveaway that reflects your brand’s style and simultaneously stands apart from the rest.

Allow us take you through the key considerations for offering freebies at your next trade show.

Benefits of using Giveaways:

  • Inviting more attendees
  • Building brand awareness
  • Getting a good ROI

Freebies Selection Criteria
While choosing a giveaway for your upcoming trade show, there are certain factors you should keep in mind.

Choose quality over quantity, the perception of your business depends on it. The quality of your giveaways is an important marker of how much value you are capable of delivering through your products or services offerings. You should aspire to leave a long lasting impression with high quality freebies.

Maximizing the quality of your spending is a must when choosing freebies. It underscores the importance of setting a budget you need to work with. If you were to consider that one freebie translates to one lead then the budget should be an outcome of the cost per lead you are willing to pay.

Handing out items that your targeted audience will find useful or novel can help you achieve your event participation goals. Keep the following pointers in mind while choosing giveaways:

  1. Ensure that whatever products you choose as giveaways have a provision for prominently placing your logo and perhaps your social handles too. You want your giveaways to give your lead generation efforts as much leverage as possible.
  2. Select a giveaway that completely justifies your brand. It requires you to put your creative hat on for tying your brand values with your giveaways.

Here’s a list of giveaway ideas for your upcoming show.

Go Green
Regardless of the nature of your business, choosing natural/organic giveaways will go a long way in showing your solidarity for global environmental concerns. A variety of options like eco-friendly bags, mugs, and t-shirts are available in the eco-friendly category.

Travel Coffee mugs or bottle
If you know that your target audience travels often then they are great giveaways for keeping your business on top of their mind. Travel mugs come in a variety of colours and shapes. Corporate gifting vendors are more than willing to coordinate them with your brand colour.

Be it a t-shirt, gloves, caps, or gloves, companies have been using clothes as giveaways for the value they deliver. As long as the fabric quality is good and the design is trendy, you can count on people to wear them often and deliver a high brand recall.

Electronic gadgets have a premium appeal and are considered the best giveaways. Power banks, mobile chargers, USB drives, headphones, bluetooth speakers, the options available are limitless. People just love these items and will certainly get attracted to your booth.

Reusable Cutlery
Global awareness about the harmful effects of plastics and the merits of recycling is at an all time high. You can tap into those sentiments by choosing reusable cutlery as giveaways. It will reinforce your commitment to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and earn admiration from your audience.

Snackable items
Visiting all booths in a tradeshow is an exhausting experience for visitors. Stocking your booth with snacks for giving away will attract visitors to your store. Ensure that you put your logo on the packaging with a witty message to put them in the bin after consumption.

Notepads might sound boring, but giving away one with your logo on them can be useful. Notepads are useful stationery items that will never go out of fashion.

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Wrapping up!
Giveaways are effective for establishing your brand’s presence at a trade show. However, you might not have to be entirely dependent on it to have people visit your booth. At Silverline Australia, we work tirelessly to leverage your brand identity with multiple high quality display items.

Our highly customizable products are designed to showcase your brand identity with a top-tier, portable branded environment. Explore our impressive range to push your event marketing goals up by several notches.

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