What accessories do I need?

A trade show booth is nothing short of a small portable office you occupy for a limited time but in face-to-face proximity with hundreds of potential clients. An attractive booth increases the probability of generating significant footfalls and leads. A myriad of booth accessories ranging from tablecloths to signages are available to achieve a professional and sophisticated look.

Akin to a brick and mortar retail store, a booth requires attention to detail with the right choice of display accessories like banners, lights, and digital displays. We have listed some essential trade show accessories in this article so you can build an impressive booth for your next trade show.

Place yourself in your audience’s shoes when planning and designing your booth. As trade show visitors, one of the first things they will surely notice are booth signage. Get yours designed by someone who specialises in large format designs.

The key considerations for creating signage are:

  • The designer must be well-versed in signage design requirements pertaining to fonts, text length, and image resolution.
  • Opt for lightweight signage such as aluminium since they are easy to assemble. They are low cost and easy to install and transport.
  • Don’t shy away from using bold design themes and colours to attract attention.


No matter how attractive your products and booth designs are, scruffy lighting can ruin everything. Your booth should be well-lit so that it is clearly visible to have a welcoming appeal for visitors. Also, lighting can further enhance the look and feel of your signage and graphics.

It is recommended by event management agencies to have a decorative lighting scheme to stand out from the crowd. Check with event organisers in advance about the kind of lights you are permitted to use so you can plan in advance.


Depending on the size of your booth and team you may need multiple counters and podiums to demo your products and keep documents. At Silverline Australia, we have a wide range of high-quality table counters and podiums to separate you from the crowds. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

Counters also serve as a key marketing space that can be customised according to your preferences. For instance, at Silverline Australia, we have counters and podiums that support backlit graphics with our 360° illumination technology.

Tablecloths can instantly transform any dull booth into an attractive and professional place. You can choose from a variety of colours, designs and patterns of fabric based on the look and feel of your booth. Tablecloths can be customised to feature your logo and brand colours. A well-placed, inexpensive tablecloths can make a good impression on attendees.

Tablecloths combine well with your fabric wall, giving your stand a finished look. They are available in a variety of elegant designs. These tablecloths can be adorned with banners and signage to grab visitors’ attention.

Interactive kiosks can improve the overall experience for your attendees. They are portable and easy to install, making them a popular accessory at trade shows. Their bright screens can attract attendees from a long distance and nudge them to seek more information about your offerings.

Kiosks can also feature pre-installed games that promote your business in a fun and entertaining manner.Such kiosks are particularly effective at engaging tech-savvy audiences who tend to be introverted and prefer to gain information on their own.

Explore Silverline’s Next-gen Range of Booth Accessories

A booth is not complete without accessories. No matter how many and which accessories you may use, ensure that they all tie in with a common design theme. Are you looking to achieve a classy look for your next business event? We have a curated range of latest display items including digital signage kiosks that are sure to match your expectations.

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