Flute A-Frame has been designed with maximum versatility in mind. You can slide in & out your signage; 3mm thickness is recommended for regular changes or 5mm for irregular changing. Standard colours are black & white.

Flute A-Frame sign is double sided & can be easily folded for transport. The rounded corners & hinge mechanism has been designed with safety in mind, the hinge allows the a-frame to fold up & lay flat if the wind blows it over & there is no chance of it being blown down the street.

Frame Colours: Black | White

Sizes: 300 x 450mm | 750 x 500mm | 900 x 600mm | 900 x 1200mm

If you have any questions about the Flute A Frames please either click request a quote button below, or contact Silverline today on 1300 491 883.