The Rite 5M Flag is perfect for outdoor events, exhibitions & as high visibility signage. When your client wants to standout in the crowd you will never get a better solution than the 5 metre flag. The telescopic pole gives scope for different size flags & banners.

The structure is a combination of aluminium & durable plastic makes the 5m Flag great for outdoor situations.

Rite 5M Flag Features

  • Water fillable base – aesthetically pleasing, provides extra stability.
  • Banner is held in place utilising eyelets on the 2 sides.
  • Eyelets makes the assembly of the flag quick & easy.
  • If you need to change the banner simply unclip the old banner & replace with the new one.
  • All flags come with carry bag.
  • The water fill base comes in 4 sections for easy transport.

If you have any questions about the Rite 5m Flag please either click request a quote button below, or contact Silverline today on 1300 491 883.