How to accessorise your exhibition stand

Accessorising your stand doesn’t mean you need all the bells and whistles to draw attention to your business. It simply means to think strategically about the choices you make about how to present yourself at a trade show or exhibition.

Are you aiming to gather contacts of potential clients and customers? Or perhaps you’re interested in increasing sales of a featured product. We have put together a list of options to cater to a range of objectives.

Use digital signage to make your stand interactive

The iPad Display Stand will keep people engaged in your stand for longer, giving you more time to provide inform and capture a lead. The experience will make you memorable and will create a lasting impression. Interactive signage provides the opportunity to explore engaging activities such as gamification, or providing a virtual demo of a product.

Alternatively, display your printed materials with the Swing Up Brochure Holder to share information with ease. Providing content that attendees can take with them means you can make multiple impressions with a single item. Attendees in a rush can grab-and-go, and you don’t miss out on a potential sale or investment if they don’t have time to stop and fully engage with your stand.

Lights on!

If you are planning to promote product or key message, highlight what you want to sell by deliberately lighting these products. See how Progurt used lighting to enhance their display here.

Your table or counter will be the first thing people will see of your stand

Make yourself as identifiable as possible with Custom Printed Tablecloth, there will be no mistaking who you are when attendees stop for a chat, a brochure or to make a purchase. A branded tablecloth will make your display appear polished and professional, and clearly take ownership of your space.

Free Standing Counters are the next step up from custom printed tablecloth

Free Standing Counters include branding, storage for freebies and brochures or pamphlets or whatever else you may need on the day. Displays that include storage reduce mess and improve the appearance and efficiency of your display, as everything is within arm’s reach. Our entire range of free standing counters come with shelving, are easy to assemble and are portable.

Your display doesn’t need to be flashy and covered in branding to make an impact. Find ways to simply show what you do and who you are, and you will attract attention from those looking to buy your products and services.

Learn more about how to create an effective trade show display here.

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