AgData Australia road-tested two Fabric Walls for Beef Australia 2018, here’s what they had to say.

We love sharing our projects but this time we thought you should hear from the client themselves. We worked with AgData on a display for their booth at Beef Australia 2018. The team were looking for a modern display system that was versatile for use at future events and suitable for multiple booth sizes.

AgData Australia road-tested two Fabric Walls

Stephen from AgData Australia explains why they chose our 10 footer Fabric Walls.

For our display at Beef Australia 2018, we had a clear brief – attractive with a simple to erect system that was easily transported and didn’t take up too much space in a vehicle or incur excess baggage costs on a flight. What we liked most about the Fabric Walls was that it ticked these boxes but also how they can be put up and down quickly and when graphic design trends change we can reskin the frame without any great expense.

Simple to assemble, we put the walls together easily enough without instruction. We are very happy with the quality of the printing and the texture of the fabric was very effective for the lighting in an exhibition environment.

We’d recommend the Fabric Wall to any business for the sheer simplicity and cost effectiveness of the display. The display piqued the interest of fellow exhibitors too, with quite a few asking where we purchased the walls.

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