Should I have a Company DVD in my Exhibition Stand?

DVD productions are a very useful tool for corporates to convey messages. The screen needs to be clearly visible at the back of the stand so you can draw people in and go through the production with them.

DVD ExhibitionsGood ideas for DVD productions for tradeshows that will interest your target markets are:

1. Business Overview – Have a DVD produced that goes through your company’s product range, your manufacturing abilities, your storage and distribution facilities and even your key staff.

2. Site or Manufacturing Facility Tour – Produce a site tour video as though the client is walking through your manufacturing facility, you can then explain all the process to them and engage them as you go.

3. Product Demonstrations – Ideal when you can’t have the product on the tradeshow stand or you can’t demonstrate it other than in the field. You can have a video of the product in action and explain and discuss it with your prospect.

The biggest issue with DVD production in a tradeshow environment is the space that the hired trolley that the screen is mounted to takes up. The good news is that with the Isoframe Wave you can mount screens directly to the wall and the cords feed down the back of the stand without being visible. This fixes the problem of losing space within your trade show booth and allows you to have an Exhibition with a Screen mounted for you to use as required directly on the wall not on the floor.

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