Direct traffic to your store or tradeshow booth with the new double-sided fabric A-frame sign

Taking the humble A-Frame and making it better, the WaveLine Double Stand will become your favourite travel companion for your tradeshow schedule. Lightweight and portable, all three sizes of the fabric A-Frame sign weigh in under three kilos.

Best practice for designing any A-Frame sign is ‘less is best’ when it comes to content. To give you longevity of use at future events, we suggest simply printing your logo  on the signs, ensuring of course that the look and feel is consistent with the rest of your tradeshow booth, brand guidelines and brand style guide.

Here’s a guide for the best usage of each sign size:

1. “Street” signage

The small Waveline Double Stand (sized 1032mm x 1000mm) is ideal for placing in the walkway just outside your tradeshow booth to let people know your location. This will increase foot traffic and act as a beacon for those who are looking for your display. This is especially helpful at events where display facades disrupt the view of the branding in your booth (check out some tips on that here).

small Waveline Double Stand

2. Event barriers and sporting events

Make a line using a number of the large WaveLine Double Stands (2950mm x 1000mm) to divide up your exhibition space. Or, if your business sponsors a sports team or club, use multiple signs featuring your brand to line sporting fields and courts to increase exposure.

large WaveLine Double Stands

3. Or go for the medium size for versatility

The happy medium size (2006mm x 1000mm) can serve both these functions so you don’t have to choose if your marketing activities include both tradeshows and sport sponsorship!

WaveLine® Double Stand – Medium

See the design templates to get started or contact us for a quote today.