Freestanding Counters: the portable reception desk

Freestanding counters are becoming an increasingly popular addition to trade show displays and it’s not hard to see why. Where your display wall will help define your space with your branding, your freestanding counter is your tradeshow HQ. It stores all your information, marketing collateral and miscellaneous items, act as the meeting place for your staff and where you will interact with the most engaged sales leads.

Freestanding Counters

Product demonstrations

Launching a new product or introducing your product to a new market? A product demonstration at a tradeshow gives you the opportunity to educate your audience about how the product works, the problems it has been designed to solve and how it adds value. Successful pre-tradeshow marketing around the launch will have raised interest and now Is the time to progress your sales leads further in the purchase decision process. Depending on your product or service, your freestanding counter is the place to do this. Promoting your new app? Give live demonstrations on an Digital Display.

Freestanding Counters

Storage and giveaways

Whether you’re attending a tradeshow for one day or three, you will need a place to store your marketing collateral. Present your brochures, catalogues or branded promotional products on the countertop and ensure it is kept tidy and organised. Store additional copies and products within arms-reach on the shelving underneath so you can restock with ease when you’re on the go throughout the day.

Freestanding Counters

Easy set-up and transport

Roll your counter into your venue and have it set up in minutes. Our entire range of freestanding counters are designed for an easy set-up and pack-down. The Rectangular Freestanding ISOframe Counter, Circular Freestanding ISOframe Counter and ISOBAR Modular Counter use the ISOframe FASTclamp connector system for a tool-free assembly. The SnapUp Reception Desk and MP2 Mini Counter come with a padded carry bag and feature a pop-up structure which snaps into place and wrap-around graphics are connected magnetically.

Find the right freestanding counter for you and explore our range. Need help deciding? Give us a call.