How do you get the best Return on Investment from an exhibition?

Answer – There is no direct answer to this question however the cost of an Expo Stand is geared to what you want to achieve out of the Exhibition…

A display solution could range from $1000 upward depending on the style of stand you desire. Exhibition stands typically fall into two categories as follows:

1.    Self-Build Exhibition Display Stand
These stands are built quickly and easily by your own staff. The price range in this field would be typically between $1000 and $10,000. The most elementary example would be to velco attach some posters to the wall of the Expo however this isn’t likely to look very professional and probably won’t give you the look you desire. More commonly exhibitors like a custom printed Portable Wall System which can be erected and dismantled easily, has their branded message on it and can be used for many shows.

2.    Custom Built Exhibition Display Stand
These stands are something that you need to consider for 6 – 12 months before the expo, they need to be designed by a professional and constructed by tradesman. The price range would be more in the vicinity of $30,000 upwards depending on how far you need to go. The obvious downside is obviously these stand styles are fixed and sometime are disposed of after each show making rise to a very expensive project.

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