How To Run A Trade Show Booth Safely

Trade shows entail a great deal of face-to-face interactions to achieve conversions and forge relationships. In the pre-COVID era, the number of products and visitors that could fit within a given space determined an event’s success. However, the pandemic has disrupted such measures of success requiring organisers to ensure safe social distancing and reassuring visitors about their safety.

It calls for exhibitors to redesign their booths to put any infection fears to rest. In this article, we have explored the most effective ways to pull off a trade show safely. Let’s take a look.

Guide Attendees To Your Booth

One of the most efficient ways to drive traffic into your booth is by creating a visual pathway. Remember that in the post-covid era, attendees are the decision-makers. Design your booth in a way that guides attendees to your booth and around any exhibits you may have kept there. Highlight your latest products, promotions, and valuable company information that can grab your audience’s attention.

Since social distancing and sanitisation is now a critical requirement, you can place special COVID-19 signage and sanitising stations. They encourage attendees to maintain a safe distance without being awkward. Better lighting and digital displays can further enhance your audience’s experience of visiting your booth.

Keep An Open Floor Setup

In a bid to maximize the space availed by them, most exhibitors tend to block themselves from attendees passing by. It can lead to poor engagement with potential customers who fail to notice your offerings. Prevent your booth elements from blocking the movement of people and their view of your marketing materials. Instead, go for an open floor set up to create a more welcoming experience, which can dramatically boost your booth traffic.

Place your counters, banners, etc in a way that facilitates free movement in and out of your booth. For instance, align all help desks and counters to the sides or end of your booth. Installing free-standing counters and displays can help maintain good traffic flow and engagement.

Infodesk Counter

Smart Stand Layout

As you plan on creating an open floor, adding a smart stand design and angular layout can help you capitalise on it. Implement a one-way movement plan through your booth with proper signage and floor markings indicating clear entry and exit points. Media walls and communication banner stands are smart alternatives to making any unintentional imperious gestures at visitors.

An important consideration for placing the stands is that they should not hinder visitors’ movements. Apart from making your booth attractive they will enable you to handle your booth traffic without any congestion.

Communication Banner Stands

Go For A Bigger Space

Keeping the physical distancing norms in place, it is advisable to go for a bigger space. It will provide more room for the movement of people in your booth and significantly minimise the risk of infection. Suppose you are presenting multiple products in your booth. Make sure you have enough space for each product.

It will facilitate interested attendees to focus on the product rather than getting distracted due to chaos in the overpopulated area. It’s great if you have many products and visitors in your booth. But you must also ensure there is enough room for all.

Install New Materials To Meet New Demands

To keep up with the new demands of this unique time, you must use certain special elements in your booth. The stands and counters should be easy to clean. The fabrics used can be antimicrobial flax or hemp fiber to ensure maximum safety. In addition, you must install special items such as automatic hand sanitiser stands, sanitising stations, floor displays, communication banner stands.

These items will reassure visitors that your booth is adhering to all safety norms. Moreover, it will make operating your trade show booth a safe and smooth affair.

Sanitiser Station

Plan Your Trade Show Booth With Silverline

Safety and hygiene are today’s top concerns especially while organising a large event. They can be addressed by planning your trade show booth strategically to achieve favourable outcomes. Your booth space plays a crucial role in determining the flow of traffic. Analysing your previous shows will help you determine the right booth