How to use digital displays in your tradeshow exhibit

Have you thought about introducing digital content to your tradeshow display? Not sure what will work best for your business? Think no more – here’s some effective ideas for the most engaging and functional content for your tradeshow screens.

1. Reviews and Testimonials

Display a showreel of testimonials and reviews so attendees can see the potential value your product or service can add to their business.

2. “How to” videos

Let attendees see how your product/s works and encourage them to take that extra step into your booth to enquire. This is especially effective for services or digital platforms.

SSlab 40 Inch Digital Display

3. Live social media updates

Invite attendees to join a conversation about the event by using a hashtag and display the feed on your screens. This will get people stopping and reading the feed and will build your social media audience.

4. Get snappy with a photo booth

Invite people into your display with a photobooth and display the photos on screens at your exhibit. This will encourage more visitors to your display, looking at your offering and speaking with your staff.

Blade Digital Display

5. Gamification

Makitso Sslab can run apps like any smartphone or tablet, so you can play videos through YouTube, run a classic game like Angry Birds or invest in an event app or game to increase engagement with your display.

Makitso Sslab JR 32″ – 4K Digital Interactive

Our top tips for tradeshow videos:

  • Similar to social media, you need to keep videos short and snappy
  • Show a highlights reel or a series of videos that are 2 minutes long at most. You need to get the message across fast as attendees are likely to move on quickly
  • Ensure all videos with speech have subtitles
  • Produce videos for the event rather than repurposing existing materials (this is especially important if your digital display screen is portrait orientation, not landscape which most videos are filmed in).

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