Just landed at Silverline: the ISOframe Fabric indoor exhibition display

Enjoy the ease and featherweight craftsmanship of the ISOframe system, with the sophistication of a fabric display with our newest product, the ISOframe Fabric.

ISO Frame Fabric
ISO Frame Fabric

Snap and slide set-up

There’s no need for tools, screws, Allen keys and pages of confusing instructions, setting up the ISOframe Fabric is 15 times quicker than setting up traditional tension fabric display systems.

The ISOframe FASTclamps snap the framework together which has built-in channels for the silicone-edged fabric to seamlessly slide into.

One person can easily assemble the ISOframe Fabric display.

The beauty of the ISOframe Fabric is in its bespoke design

Design yourself a show-stopping display with one flawlessly printed image, spanning across 100-foot walls, or keep things compact. We offer five standard sizes from 3m x 3m to 7m x 3m but if that doesn’t suit your space we can build and print a custom size booth if you need something particularly spectacular or to fit a certain space allocation.

The ISOframe Fabric also supports many stand accessories

Functional in design, the ISOframe Fabric easily supports a range of media screens to share audio-vidual materials and literature holders to engage, educate and connect with exhibition visitors.

Integrate your media screen and literature holder into the design of your ISOframe Fabric graphics for a seamless and polished look. See in the image below how integrating these features into your design can enhance your booth’s appearance.

ISO Frame Fabric

Take it with you everywhere

It’s not only the set-up that is pain-free, pack down and pack-up in a matter of minutes and carry away with you in the smallest and lightest of cases.

Explore our latest range of exhibition displays, the ISOframe Fabric, or contact us to have a chat about designing your next exhibition display.