LED Signs and Display: not just for big business

Leverage the power of video and digital imagery in your office reception or at your next event with our Digital Displays.

LED Signs and Display
LED Signs and Display

There has been an explosion in the uptake of digital display in the last five years, from placing an order at a digital kiosk at fast-food restaurants through to finding a store on a digital information desk at local shopping centres. While these displays mostly served the big end of town, there are now a number of affordable options for small businesses too.

Video marketing collateral

Video is fast cementing itself as the most powerful channel in the marketing toolkit. Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine with around 60 hours of video uploaded every second?

Digital displays allow businesses to capitalise on video content. Interactive touch screens are an entertaining way to communicate and educate potential customers through an app or gamification. They also keep visitors at your stand for a longer period, particularly if staff are busy with other potential clients.

Communicate real-time promotions
Whilst there is an upfront capital investment, one of the many benefits of a digital display is the speed in which content can be changed and updated via a USB or Wi-Fi, as opposed to traditional print collateral.

There’s also an opportunity to repurpose existing digital campaign collateral such as campaign videos and TVCs.

For businesses that welcome visitors to their office or shopfront, scrolling images of campaigns or promotions represent a good opportunity to potentially cross-promote or educate about new product releases or to share a brand’s recent participation in a sponsorship or community event.

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