A lesson in good banner design

Fabric WallsClient: Church and Dwight

Project Scope:

Opulent and Bold Luxe is how Church and Dwight define their product Batiste. And that is how we’d describe there 10ft Curved Media Fabric Wall we produced for them in late 2017. One of the biggest mistakes we see clients make when providing artwork is trying to communicate too much on a single piece of collateral.

The Batiste Fabric Wall is a perfect example of restraint which in fact enhances the effectiveness of out-of-home promotional collateral. Keep it simple, stick to your brand style and you’ll get the attention that will have potential customers and clients actively seeking you out more information.

Our precision printing captured Batiste’s colourful and vibrant branding beautifully. These products are ideal for indoor events with flash photography such as product launches and media conferences.

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