Pitch the Nomas Air Inflatable Tent by following these three quick steps

Looking for something a little bit different for your upcoming outdoor event? Take a squiz at the Nomas Air Inflatable Tent. This enormous (measuring in at 6m by 3m) display suits bright, vibrant branding to match its interesting shape.

Nomas Air Inflatable Tent

You may know how to erect a marquee in record time but here we outline the three quick steps to pitch your Nomas Air Inflatable Tent.

1. Inflate your heavy duty inflatable frame. Use an electrical pump like the 1800W Electric Air Pump (available as an add-on accessory with purchase).

Nomas Air Inflatable Tent

2. Zip your custom printed graphic to the frame. The graphic attaches to the inflatable frame with a single zipper.

Nomas Air Inflatable Tent

3. A tent of this size needs to be secured reliably. Secure your tent with the included Iron Tent Stakes.


This three step system means you’ll have your tent pitched faster than your marquee framework!

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