Rite Metal Faced A-Frames are heavy duty economical outdoor pavement signs. This sandwich board includes a handle on the top for easy manoeuvring. The panels are supplied loose with the option to either adhere it with d/s tape or rivet the panel on. Both are supplied with the frames. The Metal faced a frame signs have just been upgraded with new hinges which are basically unbreakable!

  • Use a simple hinge design – Why hinder your printed material with a below par quality a-frame? You want your print to stand out not be viewed in bad light! Our a-frames work in the ‘background’ and maximise effectiveness.
  • Required strength is vital – No matter whether it is construction of a print project or a simple outdoor a-frame, most projects require suitable strength. For example, outdoor use in Australia requires UV stable material.
  • Versatility – Use an a-frame which works with virtually all materials as the face. As well as saving time from swapping between a-frames, you will increase your buying power through using larger quantities of the same product.
  • Consider the time reduction – As well as saving time and therefore costs, a level of automation means time is reduced during production. Make sure that whatever eyelet option you decide to go with, make sure that there options available for automation.
  • Choose your eyelet machine or hand press carefully – Yes, not all are the same. There are even key differences such as service agreements and quality.

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