The Future Of Trade Shows In The Post-Covid Era

Until the pandemic struck, trade shows and events were held regularly every year across the globe to bring companies and consumers together. Companies use trade shows as an opportunity to showcase their latest products and services, interact with consumers, and improve their user engagement. Trade shows also enable highly-interested consumers to meet sellers directly, learn more about the products and services to make purchases. Networking and learning opportunities are the fundamentals that drive attendance at trade shows and exhibitions.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak has severely strained all face to face events. While this situation is slated to last for an indefinite period, businesses must adapt to the new normal. Event organisers and participating businesses must make adjustments to how future trade shows and exhibitions occur. They need to adhere to the WHO guidelines.

Let’s delve into some of the measures essential for operating trade shows in the post-covid era.

Virtual Events

Virtual events are the best alternative for hosting events. Moreover, they are likely to serve the purpose of any physical event and exhibition. With restrictions on public contact, online events can help retain and further enhance your brand awareness using banners and displays. Since virtual events involve zero-risk of infection with no cost of travel and accommodation, they are safe and cheaper to host.

Limited Capacity

Although virtual events are becoming increasingly popular, physical trade shows and exhibitions will continue to be the norm for certain industries. However, few modifications in the way they are conducted are in order to minimise the risk of infection. Social distancing is a key concern warranting limitations on the number of event attendees. Event managers will have to strategically plan the proceedings in a way that prevents huge gatherings in one place.

Crowd control minimises the risk of infection and enables exhibitors to interact better with every attendee. Installing special COVID-19 signage can further help maintain social distancing without impeding the proceedings of the event.

Keep your distance Sticker Yellow 450mm

PPE & Safety Masks

Health, hygiene, and safety are the main priorities during this unprecedented time. Therefore, event organisers and attendees will need to follow certain rules to avoid any mishap. Despite limited attendees, exhibitors and venue members will still come in contact with them during the event. To protect themselves and others, it is advisable for all exhibitors and venue employees to wear a PPE uniform.

Wearing face masks and gloves will also be a necessity for all members attending exhibitions and trade shows. In addition, vendors will have to sanitise key touch-points regularly to maintain maximum hygiene. By following these basic safety and hygiene norms, event managers will be able to host their events successfully.

Sanitiser Station

Special Sanitizer Stations Installed

Keeping the hygiene and safety measures on top priority, exhibitors can install special COVID-19 signage and sanitiser stations. These communication banners and sanitiser stations are ideal for spreading awareness about critical safety guidelines.

The sanitiser stations enable exhibitors to host a safe event without disrupting the general functioning of the event. The presence of the stations can evoke a sense of safety among attendees so they can explore the exhibition without any worries.