The Significance of Trade Show Etiquette’s

Tradeshow etiquette’s are just as important as all the other event considerations from choosing an appropriate booth size to selecting memorable giveaways. The demeanour of the staff manning your booth will have a direct impact on if and how visitors will engage with you. The key objectives of participating in trade shows are to establish brand presence and gather high quality leads where etiquette plays a critical role.

In this article we have captured some essential etiquette’s that are often overlooked. For instance, talking on the phone is amongst the worst things you can do at a tradeshow. Read on to get acquainted with tradeshow dos and don’ts.

Pay Attention to Visitors
There is one thumb rule you should follow while dealing with customers, talk 20% of the time and reserve 80% for listening. It will go a long way in making attendees feel comfortable while improving your understanding of what they actually want. Another tip you should follow is the 30-second rule, your booth staff should start a conversation within 30 seconds of their arrival. Greet them, pay attention, and maintain an amenable eye contact. If you follow these basic interpersonal communication tips you will find it easy to keep your visitors engaged long enough for you to reach out to them post show.

Pick Your Best Outfit
They say the first impression is the last impression. People generally make notions about your organization based on how presentable you are. As a booth staff, you should aim to dress to impress. Choose your outfit as per the trade show theme, location, and season while striking the right balance between comfortable and professional. Apart from standing out from the crowd, it will enable you to get through a gruelling day at the trade show.

Maintain Good Posture
Stay upright to greet your attendees. No matter how much your feet or back hurt by the end of the show, try not to sit. You may want to have tall chairs at your booth so you can be on your feet in a jiffy if you do need to take a quick break from standing. A simple explanation for this is, a booth attendant in a sitting position not only looks unprofessional but also disinterested.

Save Your Banter for Coffee and Lunch Breaks
Talking on the phone or constantly talking to your colleagues is not advisable. It is unlikely that visitors will have the patience for your conversation to end. You should not give your attendees the impression that you are too busy to greet them and discover their requirements. Visitors should get the impression that you are ready to engage with them if or when they approach you.

Don’t Snack at The Booth
Just like talking, eating, or drinking inside a booth gives the wrong impression to visitors. At the risk of coming across as rude, they will avoid interrupting you while you are trying to get a nibble or two. On the flip side, some may regard you as unprofessional. Ideally, you should have a schedule for taking meals and tea/coffee breaks at the trade show cafeteria. Ensure that the booth is always manned while some of you are away. Although snacking may seem like a harmless activity it may do more harm than you may have an appetite for.

Be on Time
An empty booth is like an empty supermarket shelf that cannot generate any sales. Reach the venue on time, well-groomed, and looking fresh. Avoid partying or staying up late at night to nail this etiquette. Make sure you have organised your booth according to your plan and everything is in its place before the tradeshow starts.

We hope these tips serve you well in running a successful trade show. Do check our impressive range of trade show display items to make your booth stand out.

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