Four crucial items for an effective tradeshow booth

Whether you’re in the business of selling fishing boats, cosmetics or pet food, if you’ve been to an industry trade show then you no doubt understand that the quality of a booth can range from a chair and table to an extravagant display that rivals a bricks and mortar shop.

But don’t think your budget determines the success of your stand. There’s no need to overspend to compete in the exhibition space. You just have to be smart about how you set up your display.

Here are a few examples of displays that are adaptable to space limitations but are guaranteed to be functional and effective – without overdoing it with smoke and mirrors. This is because they have four things in common:

Four crucial items for an effective tradeshow booth

1. Display Wall

Your display wall is probably the first thing that comes to mind when beginning preparations for your exhibition display. It clearly defines the area as your space and expresses your brand on possibly your largest piece of physical marketing collateral. Choose your display from our ranges, starting with Compact Expo Walls for a simple pop-up display, or the ISOframe Wave which is fully flexible and available in sizes from 1.6 metres long to 20.8 meters long.

Fabric Walls including the ISOframe Fabric work best for events with flash photography. They’re also lightweight for transporting between locations.

Display Wall

2. Free Standing Counters

This is what makes a tradeshow booth functional. Free Standing Counters aid your staff to do their job well. Here, they can store important paperwork like the contacts you collect throughout the day. Of course, they provide a surface to write on and act as a reception desk for attendees looking for more information.

3. Free Standing Brochure Holders

We’ve said before that providing content that attendees can take with them means you can make multiple impressions with a single item. Attendees in a rush can grab-and-go, and you don’t miss out on a potential sale or investment if they don’t have time to stop and fully engage with your stand.

Free Standing Brochure Holders

4. Monitors and Digital Displays

Integrating video and even touchscreen technology into your display will engage and keep foot traffic at your booth for longer if staff are speaking with someone else. This can make wait times feel shorter along with entertaining and educate attendees on your product. Use existing video content that you’ve created for social media, your website, or looping TV ads can do the trick but for something extra you can try your hand at apps and gamification.

That’s it! Four items that will create an engaging, functional display that can serve you for many years to come (final tip: design is the key to extending the shelf life of these items).

Attending your first trade show this year? Contact us for these essentials.