9 03, 2020

Project Profile – Capify Australia


Project Profile - Capify Australia Looking good- Capify Australia showing off one of our Fabric Wall Kits at a few of their shows. A fabric wall kit is a great way to meet your display needs for various events and trade shows. They set up easily in 5-10 minutes without tools. [...]

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2 03, 2020

Trade Show Troubleshooting


Trade Show Troubleshooting You have your exhibit space booked, your display stands and products ready and your staffing sorted. As the trade show opening day approaches - what can go wrong? Unfortunately, quite a few things. Planning ahead is key to troubleshooting any potential problems at a trade show. To help make [...]

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27 02, 2020

What Should I Spend On a Trade Show?


What Should I Spend On a Trade Show? Trade shows are a tried-and-tested way to put your business in front of a captive, interested audience. When done well, your trade show displays will provide you with an impressive number of new leads, customers and business contacts that will help move your company [...]

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