The pain free marketing solution that will out-last your entire tradeshow display

Listed as one of our four crucial items for an effective tradeshow booth, freestanding brochure holders may be a simple but don’t underestimate their importance. This humble structure is what houses the piece of collateral that will walk away with your stand visitor. There isn’t enough time to explain every last product feature or costing to an attendee, nor should you want to!

Your aim for the tradeshow should be to generate as many leads as possible, which is impossible if you’re spending 30 minutes explaining the ins and outs of your product to every visitor to your booth.

The best part? Worth the investment, the shelf-life (ah hem) of these products aren’t subject to changes in your marketing collateral. Their metal frames will keep them part of your tradeshow display for years to come.

Tradeshow Display

Compact Brochure Holder

Our Compact Brochure Holder features five A4 size, 35mm deep shelves. Its sturdy metal frame means no wobbling or toppling and is available in silver or black. The Compact Brochure Holder is ideal for air travel, weighing in at 7kg when stored inside the complimentary carry bag.

Prices starts at $210 +GST.

Swing Up Brochure
Swing Up Brochure

Swing Up Brochure Holder

The easiest set-up you’ve ever experienced, the Swing Up Brochure Holder is ready to use by just lifting the lever at the base of the system with your foot. This is our premium brochure holder, with five x A4 size, 40mm deep shelves for greater storage, scratch-resistant metal construction and a five-year product guarantee. For ease of transport, choose the carry bag on wheels, use shelf dividers to keep your print collateral tidy, and for improved brand visibility, headers can be placed above the top shelf.

Prices start at $522 +GST.

Complete the look with these stand accessories: