Three levels of outdoor marketing for your next event

Outdoor events are often more memorable than the standard indoor trade show held in a stuffy exhibition hall but not always for the right reasons. Unfortunately, the weather can have harrowing effects which may dampen your sales and ROI for the day. If it’s wind, rain, unforgiving heat or a picture-perfect day, we have the right set up to ensure you’re not at the mercy of mother nature.

The essential

For your next field day, school athletics carnival, open day or festival, a marquee should be at the top of your list. Providing cover, while also supersizing your brand for maximum reach and impact, a marquee is the starting point for every outdoor event. Think of it as your portable shopfront.

Our range offers a variety of sizes to fit just about any space and many come with optional back and side walls that can double or triple the surface area of your brand exposure. The collapsible aluminium frames make set-up quick and painless, keeping the display lightweight and portable.

Three levels of outdoor marketing for your next event
outdoor marketing for your next event

For function

Consider what you will need on the day. What you bring with you to the event will depend on the type of event and your goals for the day. For example, if your goal is to sell product, then you will need (at the very least) a table or counter and somewhere to display your product. There’s no need to get too fancy with these items but for a cohesive look, our branded table and chair covers will help you stand out in a sea of white trestle tables and fold-up chairs (but we have those too if that’s your taste).

We do recommend fitted tablecloths so you’re not frantically looking for weights to keep it from flying away when the wind picks up!

A little extra

If you’re looking to really make an impact and draw a crowd to your marquee, consider the addition of tear drop banners or feather banners. If you prefer the look of a pull-up banner but don’t want to damage your indoor one, our range of outdoor pull-up banners will survive the elements but still features the functionality and ease of any other pull-up banner.


Not only are these branded assets incredibly durable and weather safe, if you keep the design simple, they will remain a part of your marketing supplies for years to come.

Need more advice before entering the world of outdoor events? Let us know.